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Architects are making increased use of metal buildings in architecturally upgraded markets such as schools, churches and municipal buildings. This requires the architect to properly combine the inherent advantages of metal -- such as economy, performance and the standing seam roof -- with requirements that meet the aesthetic needs of the client -- such as masonry, EIFS, tilt-up and storefront.
To combine these elements successfully requires a thorough working knowledge all of the elements. This includes an understanding of such metal building design details as the proper drift and deflection of the frame and sub- components, proper attachment methods, plus transition and flashing details.
This slideshow will provide a general understanding of these issues. The best way to develop real expertise in integrating these elements is to work through individual projects with your chosen metal building consultant, using details and input that his company has developed over the years.



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This slide show will introduce you to the concepts of using metal building materials more effectively.
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