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This unit is designed with the purpose of introducing you to the basic elements of the metal building system. These are the elements you will need to understand in order to accomplish effective design. This phase will be divided into three slide shows. Structural covers all the primary and secondary structural members. Roof and Retrofit discusses the different types of metal roof systems, how they are designed and manufactured, insulation systems and retrofit applications. Walls and Coatings explain the different type of metal wall systems and how they are coated and insulated.


Slide Show Presentation

This slide show will introduce you to the concepts of using metal building materials more effectively.
Slide Show One - Structural
Slide Show Two - Roofs and Retrofit
Slide Show Three - Walls and Coatings

Unit One Quiz

Unit Two Quiz

Choose the quiz that corresponds with the correct slideshow.
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Slideshow Two Quiz
Slideshow Three Quiz

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