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Course Description and Objectives

Welcome to the Metal Building Systems Architecture: Effective Design Techniques Distant Learning Course.
Sponsored by the Metal Building Manufacturers Association, this course is designed to provide you with continuing education credits. The MBMA is a trade association currently comprised of 21 metal building manufacturing members, 5 roofing members and 40 associate members. The MBMA has represented the metal building systems industry since 1956.
Effective Design Techniques was designed from a focus group session of five architects and enhanced by the input and refinements of two architects who have presented this course in person for the past three years.
The objectives of this continuing education course are, first, to provide you with basic product information that will make it easier for you to work with our metal building systems. Second, to provide practical advice from our two consultant architects on how they integrate the metal building system with conventional materials. Third, how to consult with a metal building manufacturer to make sure your goals are successfully met. And fourth, to help you earn CEU credits while learning more about metal building systems. Complementing the course will be individual projects by each architect addressing the above four objectives in real life projects.
The course is broken down into the following units:
  • Anatomy of a building system subdivided into structural, roof and wall coverings.
  • Engineering design considerations.
  • How to consult with a metal building manufacturer.
  • Integration of metal building systems with conventional materials and
  • Case studies combining all of the above elements through our architects' personal projects.

Unit One Presentation

Slide Show Presentation

Welcome to the Metal Building Systems Architecture: Effective Design Techniques Distant Learning Course.
This slide show will introduce you to the course objectives, an outline of the topics to be covered during the course, and the many benefits of using metal building systems.
Slide Show One
Unit One Video

Video Presentation

This video will give you more information about metal building systems.
"Images" Video

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