2. What does it cost to take a course at NIU? 6860
3. How do I find what my account balance is? 4640
4. What is Blackboard? 3869
5. Does the campus make computing and network access financially accessible? Is special student pricing offered for computers and peripheral equipment? 3650
6. What personal information can you view online – your contact information, grades, degree progress, financial status or other information? 3599
7. Does NIU offer general or profession-specific training programs that will ensure students are fluent in current information technologies when they graduate? 3349
8. Where can I use my OneCard? 3254
9. I have changed or closed my bank account for my direct deposit, what do I need to do? 3237
10. My address has changed since last semester. What do I need to do to update my records? 3155
11. What technology-supported career-planning services are available for students? 3073
12. What is OneCard? 3068
13. What, if any, technology fee is charged by the campus? What does it cover? 2989
14. How can I tell if I have any holds on my account? 2958
15. Will my classes be canceled if my payment is late or if I miss a payment? 2902
16. Will I get a refund of charges if I withdraw from a course or from the University? 2882
17. Do I need to apply for a refund of a credit balance? 2839
18. Does the campus make available online discussion forums or bulletin boards for un-moderated use? 2837
19. What social activities and services are online? 2821
20. Are library collections and resources available online and accessible off-campus? 2773
21. How does the campus protect students from identity theft? 2729
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